ORNOB, Organization for Rural and Nature Oriented Bangladesh is a non-profit, non-political and non-government organization of Bangladesh. It is committed to improve the quality of life of marginalized Bangladeshi men, women and children. It was established in May, 1998 by a group of dedicated social workers with a zeal to help target groups of people by organizing them to establish their social rights in a society free from exploitation through a continuous process of development.

ORNOB has been working to improve the socio-economic condition, Agriculture and Environmental Development of the disadvantaged Bangladeshis and establish their basic rights in the society. In doing so, it has organized, initiated, planned and executed many projects and activities. These include formation of collectives for the disadvantaged and powerless men, women and children, mobilization of human, social and economic resources for income and employment generation, transmission of knowledge for better education, health and environment

ORNOB’s ultimate goal is to build up area wise higher organization of target people so that they are able to involve themselves in a self-sustained development process through utilizing local resources available to them.

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