Organization for Rural and Nature Oriented Bangladesh is governed by its Constitution. The Constitution is approved by the relevant authority of the government of Bangladesh. ORNOB has been registered with the Social Welfare Department (Under the Voluntary Act Regulation Ordinance of 1961) No. Dha – 4208/1998 and NGO Affairs Bureau (Under the Foreign Donation Voluntary Activities Regulation Ordinance of 1978) No - 1405 /1999.

Legal constituency of this organization is whole Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh has permitted ORNOB to implement its programs in all districts of the country. At present ORNOB operates its activities in Gazipur and Ponchogor districts.

Date of establishment : May 1998

Mission and Vision of the Organization:

Mission Statement

ORNOB works with people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease and handicaps. With multifaceted development interventions, ORNOB strives to bring about positive change in the quality of life of the poor people specially women and children of Bangladesh. ORNOB is committed to making its programs socially, financially and environmentally sustainable, using new methods and improved technologies.

In order to achieve its goal, wherever necessary, ORNOB welcomes partnerships with the community, like- minded organizations, governmental institutions, the private sector and development partners both at home and abroad.


A just, enlightened, healthy Bangladesh free from hunger, poverty and all forms of exploitation based on age, sex, religion or in any other form.


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